Get the legal edge on your insurance account receivables with the Hilton "Revenue Cycle Law Firm"


At Charles J. Hilton & Associates, P.C. we address each client’s unique accounts receivable needs to effectively recover complete payments and lost reimbursement resulting from:

  • Wrongful Claim Denials
  • Underpayment of Claims
    • Payment Delays due to Challenges such as:
    • Coordination of benefit issues
    • Self-funded plan subrogation claims
    • Re-insurer delays
    • Pre-existing condition denials
    • Requests for supply chain invoices
    • Contracting Challenges and Languages

Our Track Record

Since founded in 1989, Charles J. Hilton & Associates, P.C. has assisted our healthcare clients with recovering millions in lost reimbursement.   With healthcare providers ‘doing more for less,’ our firm focuses serving as an additional resource for our clients to recover lost reimbursement and prevent such accounts from being written off.

Charles J. Hilton | Proven Collections for Hospitals and Healthcare ProvidersSince 2003, Charles J. Hilton & Associates, P.C. has worked over 67,000 of healthcare provider insurance accounts recovering over $610 million in reimbursement.

Why Charles J. Hilton & Associates, P.C.?

A Process That Works

Average Cost of Recovery less than 8% of the amount collected.

By working with Charles J. Hilton & Associates, Inc. you receive process-oriented accounts receivable collection support and a legal team dedicated to collecting your unpaid, underpaid, and delayed accounts. Our process is guaranteed to deliver results.

Comprehensive Reporting

Proprietary Software Tools which Interface with Your Systems

Our proprietary claims analysis software is  designed to interface with your facility’s (or facilities’) financial systems upon request, streamlining communication and reporting.  With our software, healthcare providers may tailor their reporting requests to ensure consistent and reliable data reporting and analytics  performed on a timely basis for the:

  • Age of account
  • Amount recovered
  • Cost of recovery

Hospital and physician accounts can be placed with our firm, either electronically or by paper. For certain hospitals, our notes are entered into our firm’s database and uploaded into the hospital’s system so that hospital personnel can receive immediate updates of our work product.