Get the legal edge on your insurance account receivables with the Hilton "Revenue Cycle Law Firm"

About Our Firm

From the firm’s inception in 1989, Charles J. Hilton & Associates, P.C. has represented  an array of medical providers in the area of healthcare reimbursement on a wide variety of insurance accounts receivable, contracting, and denial management issues.

Beginning in 2003, Charles J. Hilton & Associates, P.C. shifted focus to exclusively represent hospitals and physicians seeking to resolve payer reimbursement issues relating to their outstanding insurance accounts. We provide nationwide Insurance Accounts Receivables collection support services for hospitals in accordance with the multi-jurisdictional rules of practice of that particular state.

At CJH you we pride ourselves on our ability to effectively collect reimbursement without impacting patient satisfaction. Over the past 15 years, we have successfully collected over $335 million for our clients.

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At Charles J. Hilton & Associates, our team of attorneys and paralegals provide cost effective case handling by leveraging the expertise of both our attorneys, as well as our paralegals to resolve your outstanding accounts and maximize the probability of recovering lost reimbursement.

Attorney Support

Charles J. Hilton & Associates, P.C. has 8 lawyers representing over 160 years of combined experience to assist your hospital with collecting outstanding insurance accounts receivables.

Paralegal Support

In addition to the firm’s 8 dedicated lawyers, Charles J. Hilton’s team of paralegals provide ongoing support under attorney supervision and approval to not only expedite the recovery of your accounts receivables but also enable Charles J. Hilton to provide our clients with cost effective solutions.

Our Process

Cost Effective Case Handling and Work Flow

At Charles J. Hilton & Associates, P.C. we seek to provide timely, efficient, and cost-effective services for our clients. To do so, our team of attorneys handle hospital accounts greater than an expected reimbursement of $8,000.00. Paralegals handle hospital accounts with expected reimbursement of under $8,000.00 under attorney guidance.