Get the legal edge on your insurance account receivables with the Hilton "Revenue Cycle Law Firm"

"Our collections over the past 11 years have exceeded
$220 million for our clients."

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-1Whether your hospital receives claim denials and delays due to coordination of benefit issues, self-funded plan subrogation issues, re-insurer delays, pre-existing condition denials, requests for purchase invoice denials, refund requests due to “termination of coverage”, etc., this law firm can assist your hospital with “Denial Management” of your insurance account receivables.

Find out why hospitals and physicians utilize this law firm to collect slow-paying, underpaid, and wrongfully denied insurance accounts receivables.

For over 25 years, this law firm has concentrated its practice of law in the area of health care reimbursement representing hospitals, physicians and other health care providers on a wide variety of accounts receivable issues.